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Understanding the Power of an eAlliance

Our strategies focus around the implementation of a simple, yet powerful business concept. Simply stated, we believe that in business your maximum progress and rewards will best be derived when you have proprietary ownership or control of your products.

Our system of strategies are designed to encourage and enhance this viewpoint.

Our Mission Statement Develop and employ advanced proprietary software technology in order to assist our members in leveraging their time, skills, and opportunities to the highest degree possible while reducing wasteful activity, effort, and other resources, and enhancing execution, efficiency, and profitability.

You are welcome to review our initial information to determine if you have interest in our network. If you are interested, we will provide you a free membership and the opportunity to verify your level of interest.

We do maintain both paid and free membership levels, however, all upper levels are performance and qualification based.

global eAllianceMaker invites you to become part of an exciting international business network. We are a quickly growing alliance, an expanding global network of business professionals where companies can find and post their business opportunities and maximize their revenue.

Gain exclusive control of valuable proprietary products using many very powerful "no investment" strategies. Learn moneymaking techniques that assure success via ownership of proprietary products controlled by patents, copyrights, chemical formulae, secret recipes, design secrets, licensing agreements, etc.

Locate opportunities via our worldwide network of entrepreneurs, inventors, consultants, marketing groups, manufacturers, distributors, business owners, etc. Receive free business exposure, develop a broad audience of profitable contacts by using personalized websites, private databases and proprietary software made available only to our subscribers.

Our strategy is extremely powerful and unique! No matter what your needs may be or what your goals are, our strategy will show you step-by-step exactly and precisely how to ...

We also partner with individuals or firms that are interested in building new business or would like to enhance their services by adding a portal site to augment their existing web site. In addition, we share techniques for maintaining substantial residual incomes with minimum operational activities.


Our Alliance Can Help If You . . .
  • Want more sales or better distribution?
  • Want more or better contacts?
  • Want more working capital?
  • Want less expensive manufacturing?
  • Want to start a new business?
  • Want business consultation?

We have organized a large network of entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, distributors, business owners, inventors, consultants, marketing professionals and financial people.

Our massive global network enables us to quickly provide critical solutions to your most unusual or difficult business issues.

Review our site, join us for free, then let's talk!

  • Learn about exceptional proprietary opportunities from around the world.
  • Receive free business strategy newsletters.
  • Free personalized websites to help you develop a powerful group of associates
  • Locate manufacturers, consultants and entrepreneurs for your projects
  • Free international exposure for your projects
  • Receive business proposals from serious companies and individuals
  • Expand your business with a constant flow of proprietary opportunities
  • Build a diversified customer base by using free business strategy newsletters
  • Receive free and broad publicity for your company and products
  • Identify manufacturers with products needing distribution
  • Establish additional contacts for your product lines
  • Expand distribution into new areas
  • Receive business support from thousands of entrepreneurs around the world
  • Expand your services with a broad collection of serious and qualified customers
  • Identify entrepreneurs who require diverse manufacturing services
  • Evaluate additional proprietary product lines that are available for licensing or acquisition
  • Acquire many valuable and available proprietary products that you can control
  • Diversify your current activities by using our free publicity services
  • Build a network of contacts
  • Market your business skills to companies and individuals on a profitable basis
  • Gain valuable proprietary products for your current activities
  • Expand your services with additional serious customers from around the world
  • Establish new businesses and/or participate in lucrative joint ventures
  • Expand your profits from our network of associates who require marketing assistance
  • Develop a constant stream of marketing assignments from our databases
  • Receive international exposure for your marketing services absolutely free
  • Locate writers who have manuscripts requiring publishing
  • Assist our entrepreneurs in transforming offline books into online promotions
  • Acquire complete publishing rights to newsletters, books and video products
  • Establish close associations with established businesses requiring legal expertise
  • Expand your list of clients from our members involved in acquisitions and licensing opportunities
  • Receive free exposure of your services to an eager international market
  • Develop additional business contacts on an international basis
  • Use our sophisticated software to identify prospective suppliers and buyers worldwide
  • Negotiate proprietary relationships with foreign traders and businesses
  • Assist serious entrepreneurs and businesses with proper financial planning
  • Provide guidance and funding to a wide variety of projects and businesses
  • Handle complex funding arrangements for numerous startup businesses

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