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Sunday, Jun. 24, 2018 
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- Quickly And Effectively "Brand" Your Company Worldwide -
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eAllianceMaker.com is allowing a select number of companies to make use of its extensive database of global business, entrepreneurial and income generating opportunities.


eAllianceMaker.com maintains a large, active and extensive database of business and entrepreneurial opportunities. This database constantly delivers a wide range of business and moneymaking services to companies and entrepreneurs around the world.

Serious business owners, investors, manufacturers, distributors, inventors, entrepreneurs, publishers, marketing firms, researchers, consultants, and others, use this database to meet new associates, acquire new projects, locate valuable products, solve business needs, obtain start-up funds, buy businesses, receive global exposure and publicity, etc.

Browse our database to review the kinds of opportunities available for your customized business portal. Your portal will contain our entire database plus more!! Your company can also benefit from a dynamic audience of serious entrepreneurs and business people.

In addition, eAllianceMaker publishes a very effective and helpful newsletter, "The Strategic Advisor", that provides business strategies for its subscribers. These subscribers are shown unique methodologies that use this extensive database of opportunities. Your portal will provide your subscribers with customized newsletters.

If you have a business activity or business service that could be useful to this audience of newsletter subscribers and global web site visitors, then having your own portal is a great opportunity to "brand" your company throughout the Internet and the world!


eAlliancemaker is prepared to assist you in establishing this global business presence within just a few hours. All that is required for your portal to be generated is the following:

  • 1) You will need to select a unique domain name for your portal.

  • For example, TimberAlliance.com
  • 2) eAllianceMaker.com will create, host, manage and maintain your portal.
  • 3) You direct traffic to your site in any manner you select.

  • One easy method would be a link on another web site.
  • 4) You receive 50% of subscription fees from subscribers registering via your portal.
  • 5) eAllianceMaker will publish and supply newsletters to all of your subscribers.
  • 6) At your option, you may advertise in and/or supply articles to the newsletters.
  • 7) No contracts to sign. Terminate your portal at any time you choose.

Note: eAllianceMaker.com works with professional businesses of quality and value.
We will end association with any business not holding to our high standards.

Customization of your portal allows for color schemes, logos and masthead adjustments.

Contact us to learn about our low monthly fee and one time setup cost.
You will receive 50% of all subscriptions fees generated via your portal.

By focusing on bringing qualified and targeted traffic to your site,
it can quickly become a profit generator for you!

To apply:
Email: Director @ eAllianceMaker.com

To review our web site: http://eAllianceMaker.com
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