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Commodities (Seeking)

This source is the biggest wholesaler of dried medicinal herbs and spices from Romania.

They are interested to be sole distributor for companies from India, Vietnam, West Africa dealing in herbs/spices to buy their products.

Services (Offering)
United States
Increase market share quickly & effectively in the US market. We will develop the strategies for your product or service in a professional way. If you are a Hotel, B&B, Tour Company, Medical Professional, Import/Export or realtor.

Businesses (Seeking)

Our corporation is seeking U.S. Manufacturing Partners to set up one or more factories in the industrial zone of the port of Aqaba in Jordan.

We are Jordanian traders in industrial parts, equipments and tools based mainly in the Middle East.

Real Estate (Seeking)
United States

Work from home. Earn big money monthly. Free details.

Marketing (Offering)
United States

Developer of new gardening tool for small gardens seeks to joint venture with seed distributors.

Device assists in planting seeds within a precise pattern automatically without the planter needing to bend over.

Developer wants to do joint promotions via Internet.

Beauty Related (Offering)
United States
Hair Stylist Protective Ring

A fashionable and functionally designed safety device for hair stylists and barbers of every level of skill. Inventor wishes to sell patent outright.
Video available.

Liquidations (Seeking)
United States

We buy anything. Excess inventory, merchandise, raw material, fixtures or equipment. Any kinds or quantities. Immediate payment.

Electronics (Offering)
United States

A single chip low dropout line voltage regulator provides the eliminating of the input and output smoothing capacitors completely. Input voltage type: rectified AC/RF or a pulse shape power signal. Output voltage shape: stabilized DC power. Applications: any portable appliances, smart cards, FPGA, DSP, ASICs.

Commodities (Offering)

We are a family business based in Nassau Bahamas, we are careful to meet the highest international standards for our products, honesty, reliability and quality product delivery is our aim.

We are regularly Selling: scrap metal, castor seeds, queen conch shells.
We are regularly Buying: plastic bags, packaging materials.

Inventions (Offering)
United States

The new patent-pending Back Brace invention for the home, office and car massages your entire spine as you drive or sit for long periods of time.

It is available for sale or license.

It has a column of massage balls inside of it, and these massage balls are what makes it provide back support and relief as you drive or sit.

This back brace device reduces back pain, and is comfortable and easy to use. This back brace is for people who do a lot of sitting, especially for those who currently have back problems.

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