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Making eAllianceMaker Work for You
Edith S. had long ago discovered that she was very comfortable using social media. In fact, she had literally been called a "natural" by many of her friends as she seemed to always be the first one of them to learn new features or techniques on Facebook or Twitter. It was actually Edith who had searched for and located distant relatives and reconnected them to her family. She simply loved keeping tabs on all of her relatives, close friends and even acquaintances that she originally met many years ago.
Edith had become so much at ease with social media that she didn't realize how useful her skill could be to others. That all changed when Edith's cousin Senta expressed her need to begin generating additional income sources to help her dad, who was Edith's most favorite uncle. Senta admitted that she should have alerted the entire family as soon as she learned about his situation, but she hadn't. Now, their situation was becoming quite desperate.

On that day, Senta's concerns became Edith's concerns. Edith was very quick to reach out to her entire family, even the most extended family members telling them of Senta's emergency. Within days, the family began to rally and to contribute to the cause.

The impact of this assistance was meaningful and helpful, but Edith realized that she wanted to contribute more help. Not wanting to completely disrupt her personal lifestyle, she searched for ways to earn income from home. But, as sometimes happens, in the stress of the moment, Edith began to search for secretarial work like she once did many years ago.

The market had changed, the rules had changed, Edith's age had changed and frustration came quickly as Edith realized something that sooner or later everybody realizes. And that is that sometimes you cannot go back to what was. There are times when you can only go forward. And so it was with Edith.

As Edith shared her situation with her closest friends, someone mentioned eAllianceMaker to her. Edith looked at their web site, but did not understand how any of their information applied to her. She was not in business and didn't really want to be. She just wanted to earn money to assist her family.

Edith was not unusual in thinking more about working for someone else than working for herself. It is a rather natural response for most people because, for the vast majority of people, income comes from working for someone else.

But, Edith kept looking at reading and thinking about eAllianceMaker for several days. Finally, Edith decided that she would ask one of eAllianceMaker consultants to explain the possibilities.

The conversation that Edith received was not what she expected. She had braced herself for a lot of sales pressure of some kind and she received a completely different presentation. What surprised Edith was that the consultant for eAllianceMaker seemed more interested in talking about her than about eAllianceMaker. This annoyed Edith more than she let on. Edith had called because she was the one with questions, so she could not understand why she was quizzed in that way.

Then as quickly as she had become annoyed, she became inspired. It suddenly dawned on her that she was the important "factor" in the conversation. What was it that she wanted to make happen? What activities made her happy? What is her normal daily routine? What do you hate about work? What did you like about working away from home? It seemed as though the questions would never end. But, they did.

At that point, Edith could feel with anticipation that she was about to be told something that would be profound. And, as she expected, it was.

In summary, Edith realized that the answer to her search was clearly already formed. The consultant somehow was able to realize that she had personal skills and talents that were more valuable than the skills she was trying to offer to a new potential employer. Her potential success was hers to activate. She was in control of this, not anyone else and not even eAllianceMaker. That statement surprised her greatly.

A followup call was scheduled for Edith. The consultants have rather tight schedules, but are required to personally conclude if eAllianceMaker can assist the caller or not. The consultant had made his decision, but needed another call to explain his reasons to Edith.

It was the followup call that connected the dots for Edith. She was told that the best way for her to accomplish her income goals and to enjoy the process would be to merge those goals into a focused plan of action. For Edith, the plan was simply to use her social media skills to help business people in various ways.

Her eAllianceMaker consultant explained to her how to get started.

In short, Edith essentially had most of her potential ealliance already in place because she was so involved with social media. eAllianceMaker provided her with the basic guidelines and she was on her way. Once Edith understood how to use her ealliance to discover the business needs of potential clients, it was an easy next step for her to gain clients. Edith was easy to assist because she was coachable in the purest sense of the word. Some people are not.

NOTE: Sometimes, people bring what they perceive to be their solutions to us and wish to have eAlllianceMaker to validate them. Seldom do things work well that way. IF you already have answers, there is no need for a consultation call, in our opinion. If you don't have answers and are willing to allow us to search for potential answers by using our tried and true strategy, we are willing to attempt it. We understand our strategies and why they work. But, we cannot guarantee that you will follow them. Only you can do that.

Why Should You Build An Ealliance?

Your ealliance is a group of ealliancemaker members who are "connected" to you in one or more ways. The idea is for you to first determine what kind of support or assistance that would be most helpful to you in your business activity. Let me provide you with some examples to help you understand. Any business will benefit from attaching an ealliance to itself, but there is a certain technique involved that would make this process the most effective.

Let's assume that you have a business that specializes in rare antique clocks. Your clientele is drawn to you because you are able to provide them with a wide selection of items and are building a reputation of being able to track down unique items.

As with all ealliance designs, the first step is to understand what your business actually needs to become more successful. In this example, you realize that it would help you to expand your ability to locate rare clocks and to broaden your ability to repair these clocks. And of course, if more clients can be drawn to your business, that would be a good thing also.

So, to build your eallliance in this example, you have two options.

The first option is always to target businesses and individuals who already have interests in areas similar to your particular areas of activity. In this case, consider clock repairmen, collectors, estate sales agents, and even finders and researchers.

Your second option is to target a broader selection of business contacts that could be useful to you as an expansion factor. Consider the advantages of developing relationships with businesses that cater to rare watch collectors, etc. The idea is to surround yourself with these people as additional sources of information and for potential referrals, etc. Now, becasue these members of your ealliance are also members of ealliancemaker, you will have the benefit of knowing that their individual business needs are likely to be met without any effort on your part. Yet, they will remain available to you and sensitive regarding your business needs because they are located within your ealliance

Now, what is important to understand with this example is that every business or individual that you may wish to interact with will have their own personal and professional needs. Some of them will not necessarily be immediately interested in what you have in mind. That is fine and is not a problem. The key is that you will always have the ability to "connect" with them and they with you as mutual needs arise.

Let's take just one of the selected businesses and individuals that you placed into your ealliance to show you the value of making the connection. If you were talking to a finder about ealliancemaker, what is likely to interest him is that through you he can be introduced to a larger pool of potential customers for his services. Example, by cooperating with you and joining eAllianceMaker (no cost to him), he can place free project requests to our entire network announcing his willingness to work on finder projects or he could choose to work on finder projects that are already available to him.

With this in mind, look at these particular finder projects from eAlliancemaker:


I will help businesses and individuals to find what they are looking for. Fees negotiable. Buying and selling.


This source can find all products.

Will sell patent outright or negotiate licensing agreement for a high speed automatic brickmaking machine. Powered by a 30 to 50 HP electric motor or gasoline engine. It will produce over 400,000 low moisture bricks per day in an efficient & economical manner - Finder's Fee Available


Our company is looking for manufacturing and marketing rights to products that have been inadequately marketed.

Our preference is for consumer products dealing with the wellness & health industry, but we will definitely consider other products as well.

We are willing to provide finder fees for your assistance in locating such products.

We will pay a finder's fee of 1% (one percent) of the purchase price paid to acquire a business that we acquire through an introduction. The fee will be paid at closing. For more information on this opportunity contact us directly.

We are interested in buying established websites. Finder's fees are available. Website must be completely developed and ready for marketing. Website does not have to be profitable at this time. All topics will be considered except adult themes.



By sharing this information that you have from eAllianceMaker, you have just offered this finder something of value to him in exchange for a potential relationship in the future. Why would he not be interested? By following our guidelines, our systems will internally "connect" you to him in such a manner that as you move into the upper levels of eAllianceMaker membership, you will be able to monitor and benefit from knowing about all of the eAllianceMaker project activities that this finder develops.

In addition, if at some point one of your customers has a special request that you locate a rare clock and time is critical. Would you not have a major advantage in getting some extra assistance if you made a request of a group of finders that are making money because of your having introduced them to eAllianceMaker?

The relationship and the compensations that you and your ealliance agree to is really between yourselves. eAllianceMaker is not a part of the transactions. Our role is to provides you with the environment and the software systems to facilitate the building of relationships according to what our strategies would suggest.

Once you have made a connection with someone to become a part of your ealliance, there is no downside to it. There is no overhead or expense associated with having that connection. But, the impact of having made that connection is extremely valuable to you as potential business for years into the future.

And, please be aware that the relationship works in both directions. Don't you believe that if one of your finders heard of someone seeking clocks of unusual value that you would be contacted. eAllainceMaker makes it easy for you to remain in contact with everyone in your ealliance, so you don't have to worry about losing contact with them or having concerns that they will not be able to contact you when necessary.

This example should have given you a bit of the main idea of ealliances. But, there are other advantages that you will come to learn about as you move upwards in your membership levels within eAllianceMaker.

Here is another advantage of having an ealliance that may not be obvious to you. Over time, your interactions within eAllianceMaker will not just be with your ealliance members, but with our entire membership.

As that happens, your ealliance will develop its own unique relationships with other members of eAllianceMaker. And why that is happening for your business, it will also be happening for each of the members within your ealliance. The effect of all of those interactions is that a rather high amount of "synergism" occurs and grows among all of you such that the reputation and influence of your business expands because more and more people are becoming aware of you and your business activities.

In many ways, everybody within eAllianceMaker that you have had the opportunity to interact with can become an "ambassador" for you and what your business is all about.

We can provide you with "tools" to assist you in attracting businesses and individuals for your ealliance. All that you have to do is put our information into the hands of business people who can relate to your business goals or your business in general. You can build as large an ealliance as you wish. The larger your ealliance, in many ways, the greater will be your influence within eAllianceMaker.

Our eAllianceMaker software will handle all of the tracking of your ealliance activity and every person who becomes a member of eAlliancemaker through your introduction will silently and automatically be "connected" to you.

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